With the rising popularity of the USB PD3.1 fast charging standard recently released by the USB-IF Association, various brands have launched chargers over 140W. RICOMM, a professional manufacturer of high-power chargers, also recently launched the world's first 370W monster-grade gallium nitride (Gan) desktop charging station. Once the product came out, it was sought after by many foreign top consumer electronics brand buyers. The RICOMM RC370DS series desktop charging station is equipped with 4 USB-C ports, and a single port supports up to 140W output, which can simultaneously supply power for four high-power electronic products. For digital enthusiasts who have a variety of UBS-C interface electronic products, this is a good integrated desktop product, which can reduce the complicated storage on the desktop and realize products such as notebook computers, tablet computers, mobile phones, smart watches and professional monitors. one-stop charging solution. With the unification of the interface specifications of electronic products, more and more kitchen appliances, power tools, security equipment, electric bicycles and IoT devices will use USB-C power supply in the future.


From: techapple